Distributor/Reseller Tools

More Selling Power with More Resources

Boardwalk’s comprehensive product line comes with an extensive and growing portfolio of marketing tools to help you sell more effectively. You will find:

  • Sell Sheets
  • Web Banners and Theater Ads
  • Multi-touch Digital Marketing Kits which include web banners, a theater ad, an email, a landing page and a print ad
  • Boardwalk Logos

If you would like to use Boardwalk images in your marketing materials be sure to explore our image library as well.

The marketing resources are organized to support the different ways to present the Boardwalk product line:

  • BrandResources such as the Full Line Sell Sheet showcase the full Boardwalk brand or encompass products for multiple environments
  • Environments include Sell Sheets and Digital Marketing Kits to market multi-category solutions for a specific environment such as the washroom
  • Products include marketing resources for specific product categories or individual products.

Contact us at boardwalk@essendant.com if you have questions or additional needs.

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