For the Breakroom & Cafeteria

Everything you need to eat up, wrap up and clean up

Whether you serve meals to a packed cafeteria or you’re in charge of keeping the breakroom ready for a bustling workday, one thing remains the same: food isn’t the only ingredient that guarantees success. You also need prep supplies, storage bags, napkins, cups, cutlery, can liners and all sorts of cleaners if you want smooth sailing before, during and after meal times and snack attacks. Boardwalk has them all.

Our professional-use cleaning and foodservice products give you consistent performance for any size operation. Our fresh, new look has been applied right down to our paper plates and to-go cups. And, our cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants and sanitizers help you reduce germs and improve hygiene for guests and employees alike.

  • Reliable Results: Our foodservice disposables, cleaning supplies and personal care solutions get the job done right every time
  • The Right Selection: Pick up all your meal-time essentials for cafeterias, dining halls, office events and the breakroom
  • Better Germ Protection: Keep up with cleanliness across the board with food storage, cleaning and personal care products that promote health and hygiene
  • More Savings: At Boardwalk, our cafeteria and breakroom products make sure performance and value go hand-in-hand

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