Everything You Need from Room Service to Turndown Service


The hospitality business is full of moving parts and Boardwalk is built to help keep each of them pristine and presentable. Our cleaning and foodservice solutions deliver comprehensive support to wow your guests from the minute they set foot in the lobby to the moment they check out.

Whether you’re running a hotel, overseeing a casino, caring for a cruise ship or managing your own events company, we know how important it is to keep your day-to-day operations efficient and practical while also maintaining the highest standards of health and hygiene. Boardwalk has everything you need to do just that, with convenience sized personal care products for your guest rooms, washroom solutions for your public spaces, kitchen solutions for your dining options and a wide array of chemicals and cleaners for your entire facility including the lobby and high traffic areas.

With essentials for housekeepers, chefs, management and your guests, Boardwalk makes sure you always make a flawless impression without putting a dent in your budget.

  • Performance That’s Reliable: We’ve set a new bar for quality with results that’ll keep your guests coming back
  • Complete Portfolio: With more than 1,000 cleaning and foodservice products, Boardwalk has more of what you need
  • Savings at Work: Boardwalk’s full line of hospitality solutions isn’t just effective at getting the job done, it’s cost effective, too

Hospitality Essentials

There are so many ways Boardwalk products can support every part of your hospitality operation. These are just the beginning.

More Complete Coverage

By nature, when you’re in hospitality, you wear many hats. By design, Boardwalk does too. We offer solutions across environments to give you a single-source supplier that meets all your cleaning and foodservice needs.