For Lobbies & Common Areas

Helping clean up after comings, goings, hustle and bustle

From hallways and elevators to lobbies and reception, classrooms or dining rooms, high traffic common-use areas are the areas your employees and guests see the most of. They’re also the areas that can wind up the dirtiest. Boardwalk is designed with these parts of your facility in mind, offering a complete range of cleaners and facility supplies that deliver the deep clean they need at the savings you want.

  • Lasting Results: Boardwalk products meet a higher standard, giving you strong support and a professional clean
  • Do More, Save More: Count on a one-two punch of performance and value with Boardwalk cleaning and facility supplies
  • All the Right Products: No matter what your cleaning needs, Boardwalk delivers dependable performance across more than 1,000 products

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